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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mom's are for encouragement

Even at the age of 35, I still love getting a call from my mom asking if I’m eating okay.  She remembers over the weekend when I said food was getting hard to eat, I had no appetite.  She told me she’s been praying for me all week along with members of her church and wanted to know if things had gotten better.  They had!  I’ve put an app on my iPhone that calculates my calories per day and it’s been helping with the extra push needed to reach 1800 calories per day.  Last night I even baked chocolate chip cookies just to get the extra 500 C’s. This morning I baked chocolate chip banana muffins.
Sleep has gotten better.  The last two nights I’ve gone to bed before 10 and up by 5am.  It’s been nice to get up early, do a quick clean up of the house, dining table and kitchen.  Bills with no interruptions (I’m so caught up!), blogging without excuse – it’s been wonderful!
Mom also timed her call just right to remind me I needed a snack at 4:30!  My mom is awesome.  I hope I’m as cool as her to my daughter in 30+ years!!

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