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Monday, October 17, 2011


Last Sunday I found myself a little rattled by the pastor’s call for “Full Throttle Faith”.  After careful consideration I found ways I could serve those in my community of online friends and neighbors.  I did both and had wonderful experiences.  I spent time outside with my neighbors building relationships and I spent time with a fellow blogger helping her with the design of her blog. The week went by so fast and the weekend even faster.
Upon reflection I realized I had missed one thing.  My local church community.  I attend Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and they host a weekly women’s service on Thursday’s.  I used to attend regularly until the lunch group grew small and it became challenging to get up from work at 11:50 and drive the 5 minutes to church, pack a lunch in the morning that was low maintenance (not needing a microwave) and then there was pre-natal yoga on the same night – so hard to fit two events in one day with full time work!  I’m finally up to 14 weeks and ready to get back into my favorite class with a teacher I’ve adored through two pregnancies.  This past Thursday I arrived 20 minutes early to the beautiful studio of dark calming colors and the wonderful post yoga chai only to find my teacher had stopped teaching in August!  Devastation!!  I called and learned she had switched to day classes in Hollywood, FL.  A plan slowly formed, I get flex hours at work, what if I go on Tuesday’s afternoons?  Then I’ll still have the evenings with my children AND I could still do the Thursday ladies meeting.  So this week I’m committed to attending this service.
1000 Gifts:
  • 190 – a little girl who asks for prayer before bed.
  • 191 – grubby fingers at the breakfast table.
  • 192 – a little boy who keeps running over to snags bites of my pumpkin muffin while I’m trying to write this post.
  • 193 – artistic collaboration with a new friend.
  • 194 – surprise hugs from a husband.
  • 195 – books to read to my children  before bed.
  • 196 – rainy days in Florida that last all day long.
  • 197 – little girls hands on my face as I cuddle with her before she sleeps.
  • 198 – a pastor’s message of HOPE.
  • 199 – a husband willing to spend 45 minutes rocking children to sleep even after spending the entire day with them, every single day.

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