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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday

Welcome to my 3rd week of hosting WMW! I'm broadcasting live from Hong Kong. Okay that sounded a little cheesy, sorry lonely over here. Today's prompts are:
  1. What is the dress code like in your job?
  2. School just got back in session, does this have any affect on your job VS kids out of school for the summer?
  3. Water cooler talk, is there a place for gossip in the work force?
Today I'm writing about dress code. My job is extremely casual, not quite to the point of wearing shorts to the office, but sandals, jeans, tank tops - well industry term is Shell, slacks with shell and sandals, open toed shoes every single day of the week - you get the idea!

It's wonderful - except when I'm scheduled for a client meeting. I panic every time, out of pratice wearing heels and closed toe shoes! When one is out of the habit of keeping "nice" clothes available, one tends to forget to do the dry cleaning. Or just doesn't really bother keeping much of a "nice" wardrobe up to date. A single day client visit is okay, but the week of Europe meetings I did in August - major panic!

In summary, I'd kinda prefer to dress nicer for the office so I'm in a better habit when these meetings come up, then again wearing sandals every day is just so quick and comfortable! I'm in a rut!

Fortunately while I'm in Asia the dress code for my industry (toys) seems just as casual as the US. So I'm still wearing sandals and t-shirt dresses. Yeah!

Looking forward to your stories. Of course I'm going random province in China at 6:30am on Wednesday so I'll catch up with all of you later this week!

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