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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 10: In Hong Kong

The Ugly:  Threw up on each flight during landing.  Something about the vibration makes my tummy want to lose contents.

The Tired:  Slept alot on 15 hour plane ride, thought that because I'm pregnant I'll just sleep more when I get to the hotel.  It will be nice I told myself, I can just sleep and sleep with no kids to wake me up.  Wrong, up at 4am.

The Food:  Sticking with chocolate croissants, juice and fruit.  Still not sure I can handle anything like eggs.  Throwing up has a tendency to take a few days to reset my ability to eat many whole foods.

Note on previous post, hubby made up for it.  Hope he keeps his game station while I'm away, he might enjoy the break of not having needy wife at night and have a nice mental break after getting kids to bed :)

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