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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Relevant 2011

I almost gave away my ticket, every day for the last month.  It would be good for someone else I told myself.  Maybe someone else needs it more than I.  Then I realized I was just fretting because I loath asking people for help and to get to this conference I feel convicted to ask for help.
1.  Ask my mother in law to fly in for the weekend so that husband can work and she can take care of our kids.  Since the first week I approached her, Papa, her dad went to the hospital with a serious condition so I didn’t dare bother her with such a menial request.  But he’s home since the weekend and on the mend so I tried again today and she was more than happy to help out.
2.  Ask repeatedly on Twitter for a total stranger to share a hotel room with me to split cost.  How embarrassing!  I don’t want to do this but I’ve posted 4-5 times with no response.  It gets more awkward with each attempt.   Why God?  I can afford the hotel room. Why do you keep convicting me to save money?
Is saving money the lesson?  Or is it reaching out to other women and making new friends the lesson?  I have to admit I’ve become a hermit in the past 10 years.  I work a full time job, travel extensively (2 full months in total away this year) and in the time left I want to spend it with my kids and husband.  A dear friend came back to FL for the summer and I think we spent 5 days together?  Honestly, it was a pitiful effort.  So I’ve made a stand, my airline ticket is bought with miles.  The next stage is finding a roommate!  God will provide!

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