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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting nervous about the Relevant conference

I’ll be honest, I’m worried about spending a ton of money on Relevant.  I’ve already bought my ticket, I can use airline miles for the plane ride so all that’s left is the hotel.  I keep checking the conference site for more information on hotels and it appears to be $112 per night but I need to stay through Sunday night to get my miles ticket on Monday – that’s Thursday – Sunday at $448!  Is this “with” an assigned roommate?  Or do I need to seek out a roommate? If I could just split part of this cost I’d be so relieved.  I promise to not hog the bathroom and I’m very neat.  Also, I won’t take any of the toiletries if my “roommate” wants them and I’ll bring snacks.
I thought I’d just put this in a post and see if anyone drops by to visit from the Relevant site that is hosting link-ups.  If anyone has any information PLEASE SHARE!

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