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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Random Tuesday


Well Labor Day is over. I guess this officially brings us into all the wonderful things of fall. For me I just hope it brings a break from 90 degree weather. We did our best to spend Labor Day outside but I ended up so exhausted from the heat I needed to nap for 1.5 hours! Fortunately the kids agreed and napped as well. Too hot down here!!!

I'm going back to Hong Kong for my 3rd and final trip this year in two weeks. This morning I remembered to contact my Hong Kong office to send me money for the taxi. I didn't used to be so good with travel details. I recall a trip in 2006 when I arrived to the Hong Kong airport, got in a taxi, gave hotel name and he said which side of Hong Kong? I froze. There's two??? The nice driver actually called both hotels to see which one had my reservation! Have you ever heard of a taxi driver being so helpful???

And the most exciting news of all! SAM IS WALKING!!! Would you believe the parent who works full time (myself) actually got to see it for the first time! It happened Friday night while husband was working. I'm over the moon with joy.

My 2 brothers are in town for the week so my computer time has been severely limited. That's all I got for now. Hope y'all have a great Tuesday and shortened work week!!!


Stacy Uncorked said...

Fall is my favorite time of year - and I'm with you, let's get to the cooler weather instead of the extreme heat!

Good for you taking a nap - and good that the kids decided to do the same! ;)

There are two sides to Hong Kong? Learn something new every day! :) That does sound like a nice taxi driver!

WooHoo!!! Glad you got to see the milestone of Sam walking!! :)

Have fun with your brothers this week - I'd be limiting my computer time, too. ;)

Thanks so much for continuing to rock the Random Rebellion with me, in spite of my being a sucky hostess! :)

Toddler Antics & Angst, R.I.P. Nigel 1.0 - Make Way for Nigel 2.0: RTT Rebel

Anonymous said...

Yay for walking! Happy RTT.

VandyJ said...

Awesome that you were there for that milestone! That is so cool.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm jealous that your brothers are in town! Congrats on catching Sam walking! Have a great week!

Kristine said...

That's awesome that you got to be there for the big milestone!!!

Caterina said...

Awww....that's so cool that you were there when he walked for the very first time! A moment to forever be remembered :)

I believe it is supposed to drop below 90 all week this week, but that's only because it is going to rain EVERY SINGLE DAY :P

R. Molder said...

Ah yes Caterina, it has been raining cats and dogs every day!