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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Patience and Unpredictable Children

Woke at 5:45 as husband got up at unnatural time for work.
6:00 dozed off to sleep, planning to get up at 7 to get shower before kids normal 7:30 wake up.
6:20 dog yipped at door and woke both Sam & I. Sam proceeded to play on and around my bed until 7 when Charlotte finally woke up and said she was going to sleep on the couch and needed all lights off. So much for breakfast! Sam & I returned to my bedroom to fold clothes, well at least one of us folded. Finally decided to grab quick shower at 7:30, plugged Sam into high chair with plenty of food when Charlotte comes in to take over shower. Now it may be hard to imagine how a 3 year old could takeover but she does this by getting mad everytime I step into the water. So it's cold for me, duck in to rince hair, step back to wash, repeat. Afterwards she stays in for another 1/2 hour so I fold laundry. Finally done! She comes out and refuses to wear clothes so I put her in bed with towel until she's ready to get dressed. She observes me putting away clothes for 20 minutes before cheerfully announcing she would like to finger paint and wear all purple! Okay. So it's now like 8:30 and I haven't had breakfast due to prima donnas shenanigans. While making breakfast Sam realizes he can still walk, how exciting he just took first steps yesterday! And he proceeded to throw arms up in cheer and walk, fall down and walk while I take a quick video to show dad later. Finally by 9 we eat but now Sam's tired from getting up so early! So by 9:30 I'm rocking him to sleep only he wakes as soon as I put him down, twice, meaning a rocking cuddle nap is required.

So that's my unpredictable morning!


Amanda said...

Yeah for Sam "still" being able to walk. :) It's expected, but still pretty cool!
Can't say it was much different here...we didn't get up early...we just didn't really seem to be able to sleep last night. :(

Caterina said...

Sounds all too familiar! And YAY for Sam!!!