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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I haven’t been very good about writing stuff down this week so I’ll try to go from memory!
  • 143 – I’m thankful that I won a book today!  Thanks Eryn!
  • 144 – My friend was able to buy a house in Savannah with the help of her parents.  Our prayer is she will be able to regain custody of her children with this residence.
  • 145 – 12 peaches for $3.00, bought on sale because they were over ripe, turned into a peach pie.
  • 146 – baby’s giant smile as he realizes he’s woken in parents bed, delighted to find both parents surrounding him as he celebrates 13mo old.
  • 147 – that hurricane Irene was downgraded to a category 1 before it hit land, a true answer to prayer.  I’ve lived through a cat. 3 direct hit, it’s much harder to get through the damage.
  • 148 – for sermons that pierce the heart and show us exactly how to change for the better.
  • 149 – for Sunday school teachers who cheerfully accept my daughter and remember her name.
  • 150 – for parking attendants who faithfully direct traffic at the church we attend, rain or shine.

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