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Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st day post Asia Trip - surviving on random naps but at least back to eating familiar food!!!

Well, first full day back! I noticed husband was a little battle weary from dealing with kids for 10 days straight and our 3 cats had trashed the garage in a small rebellion of unknown reasons. So I offered to load the kids into the van and off to Costco for an hour or so while husband took mental break from kids and dealt with the cat dilemma.

Of course first we had 2 rounds of breakfast, starting at 8am and 2nd by 10:30am (for some reason the kids appetite came back when they saw me) and I had to cut all finger/toe nails because I'm really good at it and long nails horrify me. By 11:30 we were off to the warehouse.

Clearly a Costco warehouse is not the most exciting thing in the world to return to, I was thinking water park but getting my jet lagged brain around the idea of sun tan lotion on 2 kids + gear ready just killed it. I thought, shopping is needed and easier, Ill do that! And it was fine! The kids got little cups of granola to snack on, this should really be mandatory for kids, it makes shopping so much easier and I did buy the featured snack that wasn't on my list.

I found the cost of Milk and Eggs has gone up, ah inflation, when are you ever going to slow down!

I found Pure Vanilla Extract 16oz for the same price I pay for 2oz at Publix - steal!

I bought Charlotte a fairy Halloween costume because I have bad habit (3 years straight) of waiting till the last minute and having nothing left in the stores. She thought it was pretty, done deal. Still don't know what to do for Sam, maybe we'll just make him a pirate (we still have gear left over from Talk Like a Pirate day - that's always a fail safe!).

Home by 1:30, lunch and then in bed from 2-5pm for me. Nap desperately needed since I had woken at 4am. And now I've managed to keep myself occupied till 11pm, hoping I've dragged it out long enough to where I'll actually manage to sleep 6-7 hours!

Tomorrow husband returns to work so I'm really hoping for a miracle in jet lag recovery because I'll be home alone with the children, possibly lying on some pillows on the floor as they bounce on my head, trying to sleep or possibly in a coma.

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