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Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Holiday's in South Florida are an easy excuse for the beach, only this time it just seemed unreasonably hot and windy. Original plan was to visit a beach that provided canoeing for my visiting brothers and husband to canoe while I sat at the beach with kids. In 5 minutes I decided there was no way husband was abandoning me. Kids were acting clingy, wind was blowing a fine dust over all of us and everything so that applying sun tan lotion was a hopeless feat.

Brothers left for canoeing. Husband stayed to help with the kids. After an hour of playing in the sun we returned to our umbrella sanctuary for water, peace and break. Kids seemed thoroughly annoyed, not by leaving the beach but from heat, covered in sand, big jelly fish lurking in ocean so couldn't really go in far, just yuck. Windy, not a good day. After one hour we packed up and left. Of course it takes almost a 1/2 hour just to wash 2 kids and self at showers (husband wisely didn't get in ocean) then drop stop at car. Then we waited at the outdoor cafe for a 1/2 hour for brothers to return. Finally in despair at rising temperatures and lack of adequate shade we returned to the van for air conditioning.

By the time we got home, I was so tired I slept for 1.5 hours. Got up with a burst of energy, went grocery shopping and made lasagna for family. Went to bed by 9. At least I got my favorite food in! Oh and here's a few cute photos to remember the good times:

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