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Monday, September 12, 2011


This Monday I’m incredibly thankful for two answers to prayer:
1.  My favorite cat of 11 years ran away on Sept. 3rd and was gone for an entire week!  She’s a pampered house cat who has never been outside.  I didn’t write about it or tell anyone but I struggled and prayed for God to help her find her way home.  My husband found her on the outside of our neighbors window on Sept. 9th!  I was so happy to have my pretty cat home.  Thank you God for answering a prayer about a cat.
2.  I needed a roommate to split the cost for Relevant and on Saturday, Nataliefound me!  We had an interesting chat on Twitter (a first for both of us) and have confirmed our roommate status.  I’m so excited to get to know her and thankful to God for answering this important prayer.
My growing list of thankful items:
  • 151.  Brothers arrived safely to the airport when running late for plane.
  • 152.  Two answers to prayer, returned cat and roommate for Relevant.
  • 153.  Funds to buy helmet for 3yr old so she can ride bicycle we’ve been hiding in the garage.
  • 154.  Finished TV Stand with working DVD player so we no longer have to route movies through our computer.
  • 155.  Husband who cleaned under heavy washer to remove mildew lint smell.
  • 156.  Safety on the 10th anniversary of 9/11
  • 157.  Affordable co-pay for today’s biopsy
  • 158.  Time with family before next trip to Asia
  • 159.  Phone calls from my mom every Sunday
  • 160.  Fresh raspberries in my yogurt

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