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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to Work, Wife,Mom...Life! for Working Mommy Wednesday. For this week the discussion is: Eat out or brown bag it with co-workers? Lunch room or desk? What's your work lunch experience?

Ever since my boss spent 30k on renovating the office a rule was instated that no one could eat at their desks so if we were having lunch in the office it must be in the kitchen. In all fairness to boss it is a beautiful lunch room, or in the words of my friend who recently visited "WOW is this where you eat????"

We have a wide screen TV to watch DirecTV, fridge stocked with a range of coke, red bull, frappuccinos, an espresso machine with coffee and milk along with a giant bowl of leftover Halloween candy. Apparently boss wants us to remain caffeinated and sugar happy high all day long!

When my daughter was born in mid 2008 our budget had to get stricter to afford all her stuff so I stopped eating lunch out with my co-workers. It wasn't too hard because there were always 2-3 people who ate in.

My lunches generally consist of leftovers. Husband and I try to make dinners last at least two meals. Today we had no leftovers so I took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, applesauce and banana.

My favorite lunch partner for the past 2 years was our Russian accounts manager. Sadly she recently left the company. I was always impressed with how she could make lunch out of the simplest items. Sometimes just a baked potato, cheese, avocado and fruit - she would always offer to share the fruit. Such a sweet girl, I miss her tremendously.

Now that she's gone I'm left with boss who occasionally likes to talk business while we eat and Director of Ops who likes to watch cop shows during lunch. Sometimes the creative team will order pizza and eat with us; we all watch E News together and gripe about the latest stupid things celebrities are up to.


Amanda said...

Seeing how my students are on sugar and caffeine it only makes sense that this is a staple at a toy company. :)
PB&J, oh how I would LOVE to be able to bring that for lunch! I usually bring lunch too, partly because it's cheaper and partly because there is ONE place in the little town I teach...although they do make a great Greek salad.

Stacy Uncorked said...

When I was working, if I packed a lunch I'd always leave and go to a park or something to eat lunch and read a book. Of course we didn't have a cool kitchen to hang out in, or I might have reconsidered! ;)

R. Molder said...

Amanda - the sugar and caffeine definitely keep us moving!

Stacy - there IS a park nearby, I like going there in the winter! Thanks for reminding me. Lunch should be a time to decompress.

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm your newest follower from WMW! :)


Julia Ladewski said...

i always pack a lunch. there is a cafe down the hall and it is so easy to rack up money. we can payroll deduct it and one girl i work with regularly spends almost $100 a month on eating in that cafe!!!!!!! yikes!!

R. Molder said...

Welcome Stephanie!

Wow Julia, thats alot to spend in lunch!!!

Betsy said...

When I used to work out of the home, we had an office lunchroom like that. *sigh* I miss the free coffee!

crazywildberry said...

It is the most beautiful lunchroom I have ever seen.

(I miss you so much! xoxo)

Susan DiMickele said...

I really think leftovers make the best lunches. I ate them today!