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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday - walk the dog

Walking the dog is a morning requirement so after husband goes to work I pull out the stroller intending to put Sam in but Charlotte climbs in. Okay no problem, I go get the sling for Sam but forget how to wear it. No idea where I put the chart that shows how to wear it so I take off with Sam on my hip, dog leash attached to stroller and pushing with one hand.

Half way around the pond, just as my arm is about to break off, Charlotte jumps out of the stroller with intentions to push it. So I put Sam in the stroller and she takes off with him while I'm picking up dog poo.

She doesn't get far as the stroller immediately gets stuck in the grass, good thing she's not strong enough to push him down the hill into the pond!

Soon she gets bored and makes me push the stroller AND hold the dogs leash.

Then she messes up her perfect ponytail (seriously the best I've done in a long time!) by wrapping a blanket around herself.

Finally Sam starts to cry so I take him out of the stroller, Charlotte climbs in and we finish the walk. It takes about a half hour to walk around the pond with two kids and a dog; I do it in 5 minutes alone.


Miss. C said...

This is so sweet! My girls always messed the hair up with in 30 seconds!! The youngest still does!!!

Grit said...

but hey, she's wearing clothes! and shoes! i'm not letting squirrel forget the day she had to be dressed in a car park outside the grocery shop.

Rumour Miller said...

So worth it though!

Rachel M. said...

Grit - she took everything off while I was writing this post.

crazywildberry said...

Before children, I worked for a family and took their child on walks all the time. I took him and Newfoundland dog on 2 mile walks. Loved it. Even took hikes through a woods near their home. Newfoundland would go on her own. That was nice. But once the boy outgrew his chest-carrier and back carrier and I had to start taking him in the stroller, that was it. I did it once. Stroller in one hand (big stroller, mind you), dog on leash in the other. Dog almost won a couple times and the stroller wasn't helping. So, it was the boy and me from then on. Loved that dog though.