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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Silence

I am enjoying almost total silence (with the exception of typing fingers and air conditioner). After a long day of shopping with two year old babbling about puppy this and puppy that, four month old's noisy demands for cuddles, TV blaring Spongebob or the latest cool toy (really tired of Moxie Girls), meltdowns from both children, thankfully separately - I just prefer silence.

So what did we buy on Black Friday? I'm glad you asked:
  • Costco - diapers, we ran out this morning. Found a Crock Pot for $19.99; been meaning to get one for ages. We got there when they opened, found no lines, no crazy shoppers.
  • Home Depot - deep freezer and poinsettia. Only encountered one crazy person who forced me to flatten myself against a wall as he turned abruptly to run for the $1.00 Poinsettia's. That was my only brush with a crazy shopper. 
  • Kohl's - to buy the kids Christmas outfits; I even used a gift card from last year so it cost me nothing. No maniac shoppers.
I sit here bruised, tired and finally not hungry. I forgot a snack for myself and Charlotte and somehow believed a trip to Kohl's at 4:30 wouldn't take long so by the time we got home at seven we were both a bit manic.

So here I sit in silence, I might add sitting in the dark as well (with the exception of computer screen and hurricane lamp). It seems to be keeping Sam asleep longer and I can't put him to bed yet since he needs to eat once more.

Sitting in the dark in silence may become my perfect evening. Oh wait, let's add some triple chocolate pumpkin pie and green tea. Be right back.....

Ahhh, much better. Good night all.


Jan said...

Loved this simple post allowing us to be an unseen visitor. I'm with you eating that chocolate pumpkin pie only I'm eating Costco pumpkin cheesecake. It's the bomb! Did you get the Costco cookbook? On headed there today hoping they still have some left. Thank you for your kind thoughts last night. Much appreciated.

Caterina said...

I've been wanting a crock pot for ages too.

I am typing this in the dark and silence, other than A/C and the dryer way in the background.