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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are weekends for children or getting chores/work done?

I ponder this question every weekend and I never know what is the correct answer.  I work Monday - Thursday from 10am - 7 or 8pm getting home just in time to put daughter to bed, 3 month old son stays up till 10 so at least he gets cuddle time.  Work has ramped up so I've struggled to leave by 6 to spend quality time with them.  Friday's I work half a day and the trade child care shift with husband as he goes off to work.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day.  There were problems at work from a co-worker being sick and not answering a critical email so as her boss everyone was calling me.  Anyone with a 2 year old and infant knows being on the phone is a nightmare.  They all want your attention and you are trying to keep them calm while solving massive problems on the phone in a clear and focused manner.  I spent 20 minutes that seemed like an eternity rocking Sam furiously back and forth in the rocker while talking to boss and Director of Ops about a production issue.  Several hours later our Hong Kong office called me three times about the same issue.  Finally sick co-ed called - all together 7 calls!  In that time I managed to get Charlotte ready for bed but Sam was being difficult so I couldn't put him down long enough to get her in bed with a proper goodnight.  She stayed up till 9 listening to me on the phone and watching me juggle Sam up an down.

This morning Sam slept all morning, from 9-12!  Unprecedented!!  So I used that time to get all the bills done that were due and I hadn't been able to do from working late all week.  I spent all morning shushing her while she squealed to get my attention.  She made elaborate attempts to get my attention doing everything she is not supposed to do.  I got more and more aggravated. 

Finally I noticed the dog hadn't even been walked, I had been so focused on doing the bills, so I rounded up the kids and dog to walk at 1pm.  It was hot, we only went half way and returned.  Charlotte's nap is at 2pm and I could tell she was tired from how slow she walked.  When we returned she asked for gummies but didn't like the ones I offered.  I asked if she wanted her Chocolate shake and she screamed no chocky shake!  So I warmed some milk and she continued screaming face down on the floor while I held Sam and gritted my teeth.  I put him down and begged him to be calm for a bit so I could get her to bed for the nap.  Grabbed her off the floor, went to her room and initiated nap sequence (lights off, fan on, door shut) while she ran behind the crib and screamed in utter agony.

I suddenly realized I had been pushing her away the previous evening and all morning so while she wailed I prayed to God to bring peace to our home.  She continued for about 5 minutes and finally came to me for the warm milk and I was able to rock her to sleep.

Sam also fell asleep, thus my ability to write this post.

I'm very thankful that God stepped in and brought about this peace but for the other matter of time management I still need help.  I just can't seem to balance everything on my plate these days.  I'm so exhausted.

I do know when she wakes up I'm done with all chores and distractions for the rest of the day.  My little girl needs my full attention and some day will not want or need it.

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