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Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Tuesday


Is it really Random Tuesday already?

Bring on the Random Links! Because it's so much fun to read new material:
  • Old Church Recipe Book - Elephant Stew (seriously it calls for an entire elephant), in addition to the humor, this blog has some brilliant recipes all created by young family committed to getting through grad school with no debt. It's motivating and inspirational!
  • This article from Forbes suggest having ADD might be an advantage to a CEO, the first page is a little random, the article gets better in pages 2-3.
  • This article from INC. gives a list of 10 things to ask yourself at the end of a day to gauge success.
Kid update:
  • Sam turned 18mo on Sunday, in his check up he now weighs a hefty 28.6lbs!
  • Charlotte has gone to Texas for two weeks to visit her grandparents, she displayed an astonishing amount of maturity in her decision to go, help pack and decorate her suitcase and went to the airport without a fuss. I understand she's behaving beautifully while there! We have started sending her cards in the mail so she will start getting them on Thursday.
Pregnancy update:
  • Contractions about once an hour, annoying (no worries, just braxton hicks, known as false labor or practice contractions).
  • Exhausted by 8pm, more like brain dead!
  • Failed 1st Glucose test last week, have to return for 3 hour test tomorrow, sad.
That's all I have for today! Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!!


Stacy Uncorked said...

That elephant soup recipe cracked me up! Hmmm...if Little Dude turns out to have some form of ADD maybe he'll grow up and be successful and keep us in the manner to which we could become accustomed to. ;)

UGH on the annoying braxton hicks and your 3 hour test tomorrow - I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Farewell Chuck, and a Busy Week with a Psycho Schedule leads to a Foggy Brain

Liesl Garner said...

Can I just share YOU? This is the most random thing I've seen all week - Elephant Stew. Hilarious. And you take care. Random Contractions are no fun. Take care!

Liesl Garner said...

And - you just inspired me to write something Random!! Thanks!

Heartburn During Pregnancy said...

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