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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Family Time

This year, we are trying to plan something for every Sunday to do as a family. We write it on the calendar and spend the prior week getting the kids pumped up. Today was Train Day! Our local Tradewinds park runs a little train every 3rd Sunday of the month and we've been looking forward to this since discovering the park in December of last year.

Charlotte was just recovering from her 4 day fever but since she woke up without any temperature we decided to still do train day.

Upon arrival to the ticket counter I was told that I could not ride the train because I was pregnant. Sounds silly right? But we are familiar with the strict park rangers in Florida, last year they wouldn't let our family of 4 ride in a canoe together because the rules stated 3 persons, regardless of one person being an infant at the time. It may sound funny but rules are rules and besides, now I'm available to take photos of our family on this cute little train.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Sometimes not getting to ride works out perfectly. :)
We have a train that runs daily during the summer. I just wish they didn't change the whistle, it used to be a steam whistle that you could hear at my parent's house...about a mile away.