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Monday, January 02, 2012

Random Tuesday


New Years Resolutions:
I love how January brings a super high of motivation in writers to express New Year's Resolutions, goals and even single words to declare their intentions for the new year. I've also seen refreshed blogs, announcements of new books and exciting new link-up adventures in the past 2 days! So much creativity in the air!! It's very inspiring.

On Sunday I heard a snippet of Calvary Chapel's 2011 New Year's message and it was about Revolutions rather than Resolutions. I thought that was a nice twist on the concept. I won't elaborate, you can gather your own assumptions from what it means to start a revolution in your life.

My resolutions are in the post below, sort of a rehash of last years but at least one area I'm still trying to fix! Actually I feel like mine are kinda boring in comparison to all the great posts I've been reading but I don't care, they are my areas to fix and they are important to me.

Baking Obsession Update:
- Now that pumpkin season is over, I've decided to give squash a fighting chance for my love and adoration. Somehow I just assumed it would be more hollow inside, apparently only the ball section has seeds!

My 1st Butternut Squash

My 2nd set of Butternut Squash Muffins (because they were that good)

I won't bore you with the recipe here, if you want it please let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to share.

Random Photo:

Have a great Random Tuesday!!


Stacy said...

I stopped making resolutions because they ended up setting me up for failure. ;) I think I'm going to adopt Sue Ann's mode of just a one-word resolution. Now to think of the perfect resolution word.

LOVE that beach shot! It's so cold here, I think I need to migrate to play in the sand too. :)

Happy New Year, Rachel! :)

Claire said...

Is it wrong of me to think that those squash are awfully phallic? Yeah, it is. So anyway, happy Tuesday!

Vandy Jones said...

I have started making promises to myself instead of resolutions. It works better.

rubberbacon said...

Whatever works Vandy! Hope you are having a fantastic New Year!!!

rubberbacon said...

Okay that made me giggle!!!

rubberbacon said...

I tried to think of one-word, thought of one in the shower and promptly forgot it already! Not sure I can commit to one word, it's so limiting!

Happy New Year Stacy, glad you made it home safely. That drive sounded a bit tense!!

Gretchen German said...

Butternut squash muffins sound excellent! And maybe a sneaky way to get my kid to eat a vegetable!