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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finding our way to the promise land

Last year my husband challenged me to look forward to 2012 as our journey to the promise land. We evaluated our lives and realized we were stuck in a rut, living from one week to the next, meeting our physical needs but not focused on the future for our family.
January 8, 2012 – Pastor Bob preaches on “Victorious”
In the little bit I heard, due to being home sick with a cold and rambunctious kids playing while we try to listen to online church, I heard Pastor Bob preach about Christians living in the wilderness because they are too complacent to put in the effort to find the promise land. He challenged us to get out of the world of mediocrity and live in the land of promise.
I feel like this goes perfectly with what my husband challenged me to do. Find our way to the promise land. Get out of mediocrity.
What does that mean to me? How does one move from wilderness to the promise land? Well it means following God’s call for our lives.
2 Peter 1:10 Therefore brethren, give diligence all the more to make your calling and election sure, for if ye do these things ye shall never fall.
Peter is saying to be diligent to discover and find you’re calling in life. Make your election sure by knowing you are saved and ready for life in heaven. If you do these things you will never stumble.
There is something that matches the burden in your heart; that is your calling.
What is my calling? I believe it’s the voice that speaks to me every Sunday as opportunities are offered over the pulpit to get involved in short term mission trips, 4 Kids of South Florida, Compassion trips, serving in our church and in our community.
In the past several years I’ve been struggling with my work schedule and my husband’s schedule. Between us we cover working hours Monday – Saturday, with only Sunday’s off as designated family time.
Even though we have small children we want to serve in our community but we cover too many working hours with no family support to help with childcare.
I’d love to say I’m satisfied with serving my family but this hunger will not go away. Every week it gets stronger to do more with my life. I might be 26 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and it be impractical for me to serve at this point in my life, but I can still do the preparatory steps to get our family there in 6 – 12 months. So that’s what we are doing, preparing to move from the wilderness to the promise land. 2012 is our journey of faith.

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