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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year MMXII

Ooooh look it's that time for New Year's Resolutions! But first a recap of last year's resolutions:
  1. Rest - stop running around like a maniac and cleaning every time the kids nap, rest when they rest.
  2. Food - stop throwing away food
  3. Friends - find more ways to value my friends
I accomplished 2 out of 3!
1. Rest - I did really good with this one, it was hard to put down the cleaners but I did it and maybe more in part to being pregnant again but at least it's a resolution kept!

2. Food - I'm so disappointed in myself for this one. I'm still throwing away left-overs every week. I think we've gotten better but the fact that we still throw away food makes me very sad. I sat in a conference recently where Shawn Groves, from Compassion, talked about how the poor kids in many areas do not have 3 meals per day, he asked if any of us have left overs and if we do, then to please sponsor a child. Of course I cried and signed up another Compassion child and it stuck with me. Guilt over throwing away food. This is now my only resolution for 2012. I'd like to come back in December and say I'm down to 0 food wastage. Is that even possible??? And while on the subject of food, I'd like to feed my family healthier options.

3. Friends - I have to say I worked really hard at this one in 2011. I'll keep going with it in 2012.

So for 2012, my goals are still three (easier to maintain right?):
1. Food - reduce wastage to 0 by year's end
2. Friends & family - continue to find ways to value the wonderful people in my life
3. Faith - pursue my faith in God with daily prayer and study

If you've made any resolutions, please share them with me. I love reading other people's goals!!


Amanda said...

Happy New Year to you!
If you find a way to get even close to the zero food waste please share your secret. I'm with you on the amount of food that gets thrown out each week or put in the freezer and forgotten about. :(

Caterina said...

Working on my physical and mental well-being. That's it! But big ones :)

I posted about it today --- http://www.ninacaterina.blogspot.com/2012/01/happy-new-year-2012.html

Keith Marshall said...

Food wastage is definitely something I struggle with too!! I'm hoping that as I get better at menu planning, that will decrease!