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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Working Mommy Wednesday

Welcome to a new week of Working Mommy Wednesday, and the 1st day of February! Today's prompts are:
1. Identify a problem that you had in the past and to write a post that solved that problem.
2. What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with your work.
Stress at work can be taxing on a person's entire well being. I find that my instinct is to stay at my desk until I've resolved as many issues as possible that are causing the stress but research shows this is the wrong thing to do. Therefore I've resolved to make the following changes:
Upon feeling stressed I will:
* Stop working for 5 minutes to write a letter, I have a pile of stamps that somehow stockpiled over Christmas, I write to any random family or friend I can think of, just a simple note of encouragement and walk to the mailbox. This might take a total of 15 minutes but it reframes my thought process.
* Breathing exercises - if the above doesn't work, I've learned a number of different deep breathing techniques that clear the mind. I'll take time to work through 5 minutes of breathing.
* If the above doesn't work then it might be time for a serious change of environment. I'll ask to work from home for a day.
Being 29 weeks pregnant, I really can't afford to get stressed, at all. So I have to monitor this very carefully and be strategic about my day.
What about you? What methods do you have for combating stress in the work day? Link up below and I'll stop by your blog this week!


Steph said...

Keeping the stress down while pregnant is so important. I really like your suggestions, too. I've been taking walks when things feel stressful during office hours. If it's raining, I loop the building inside or take the stairs. It's such a big help getting away from the desk!

Christa the BabbyMama said...

I usually just rant and rave when the stress hits at work. In the office, it's no prob because my office mate likes to complain, too. At home, it's all on the shoulders of my husband, and he hates having to hear me complain about being stressed. So I try to bottle it :(