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Monday, January 16, 2012

Multitude Monday

I really enjoyed this article in The Daily Beast, "Consumption makes us Sad? Science says we can be happy with less". The article suggests that happiness with new purchases is fleeting, once we get used to the new object it just becomes another gadget/car/thing in our lives. True happiness is found in DOING.
"It seems that most of us get more pleasure out of doing than out of having."
"Moreover, we don’t adapt to doing to the same degree that we adapt to having. The museum trip, the hike, the bike ride in the hills, the informal dinner with friends keep satisfying long after the Mercedes has stopped providing a thrill. And a great thing about at least some “doing” is that it doesn’t cost much money. Furthermore, people seem to get an extra shot of well-being juice when they do things that serve others rather than themselves."
With Multitude Monday I join hundreds of women in finding JOY by giving thanks for the many gifts in our lives. I tie this together with science in that "DOING" things with my children gives me great JOY and giving thanks for getting to do these things gives me double JOY!

Here are some of the gifts I am thankful to have experienced this past weekend (continuing my count to 1000):
  • 251 - blowing bubbles with Charlotte on a cold January day
  • 252 - chasing my children with a camera to capture their various hat photos on Hat Day
  • 253 - planning the dress and sweater Charlotte would wear to church on Sunday
  • 254 - taking my kids to the mall to play in the indoor playground
  • 255 - wearing hats on Hat Day
  • 256 - taking photos of gorgeous rainbow colored bubbles
  • 257 - having software to edit photos from home
  • 258 - sharing photos with friends and family on Facebook
  • 259 - Sunday brunch with the kids where everyone gets to eat their favorite food
  • 260 - Sharing chocolates with the kids

1 comment:

Joanne Burton said...

Found your blog through Ann's. You sound like a wonderfully positive mom who is truly enjoying this great time in your life! So much to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing your list :)
Joanne xo