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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Tuesday


I've reached the 3rd trimester which comes complete with more exhaustion, more bathroom breaks and the feeling that my uterus is about to fall out after a weekend of handling kids, including almost 18mo who weighs 28lbs. My doctor tells me to stop picking him up and coincidentally he's suddenly wanting picked up more and stomps his tiny feet in frustration when I try to get on his level and get a hug. He wants UP. He wants my additional height to see things in the room. He wants entertainment and being on his level is not fun. I've been here before with Charlotte when I was pregnant with Sam so we will get through this.

Now I'm off to work early so I can fit in a yoga class! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Christa the BabbyMama said...

I only ever made it partway into the third trimester with the Babby. I'm hoping to experience all that stuff you mention in the not so distant future!

Angie said...

Yoga in the third trimester...good for you! How inspiring you are. :)

rubberbacon said...

Angie that is the sweetest comment, thank you for saying I'm inspiring!!

rubberbacon said...

Christa it's definitely worth it to go full term, my first baby was born 5 weeks early and 2nd full term and the 2nd was just so much easier on many levels. Best of luck to you on the next one!!!

C said...

Congrats on the third trimester!

I feel your pain. Post C section, the worst part was not being able to pick up Ellie.