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Friday, January 13, 2012

Do Working Moms Have More Guilt?

Linking up with Susan DiMickele for Friday's "Working Mom's Devotional"
Question: Do Working Moms Have More Guilt?
Recently I’ve been hearing more comments from my stay at home friends that they feel guilty for not balancing as much as I seem to. They call me super mom and seem to feel a little down that they can’t keep up with me. So to answer this question, I guess it depends on the perspective of the individual. My SAHM friends feel guilt for not doing as much, sometimes I feel guilt for not spending more time with my kids. Not really sure who has more guilt. I think we can both have a tendency to pile too much on our plates and wish we had more time for our kids. It’s all about balance and finding the right fit for our families.
Just for fun, I googled the question and found a blog dedicated to to working mom's against guilt! It looks like a fun read!


Angie said...

Thanks for sharing this with us!

C said...

I think guilt is inevitable because we rarely cut ourselves a break no matter what we're doing. There's always that mom friend that just seems to have it more together or better than we do. For me, there's the mom friend who just seems to enjoy being at home more than I do, who gets more done, who can Martha Stewart the hell out of everything. I feel guilty about not working because I worry about the example I set by staying home. I feel guilty about not enjoying the luxury of being home when I have working mom friends who would kill to stay home. I can feel guilty about wanting to be at work, or at looking at my children AS work.

Or I can just say "I'm doing the best I can..." and try to make changes so that I'm happy. I mostly am, these days, but there's always room to strive for more happiness.