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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday


Random Links:
Between Facebook, Twitter and my own internet browsing, I come across many interesting links. Here are a few you might find interesting:

Bi-Weekly Meal Plan - The Better Mom is probably the most organized person I've ever seen with meal planning! Now I plan dinners but never breakfasts AND lunches and for two weeks in advance. Mind blowing and very interesting to read for ideas.

You Never Marry the right person - This is a great post for anyone thinking they may have erred at some point in their marriage choice, or if you're just wishing your spouse was a different person. I love the points made that no one is perfect.

Do you sleep through the alarm bells in your life - I love this post, such a wake up call to get out of complacency and evaluate what life is really all about.

Random Photo:

Random Fact about me:

I have a desperate urge to make peanut butter cookies.

Have a great random Tuesday!!
ps. cold is significantly better, so thankful!!!


Scriptor said...

I always believe that marriage is what you make it. I do think you could pick the wrong person but I only think it happens when people rush. But either way, thanks for sharing the articles. Happy Tuesday.

rubberbacon said...

I completely agree with you! Thanks for stopping by!!

Kristine's Place said...

I am a firm believer as well that life (including marriage) is what you make it.

Happy Random Tuesday!

rubberbacon said...

You are so right Kristine! Life and marriage is what you make of of! Hope you had a nice Tuesday!!

D_Unpolished said...

Thanks for sharing that link to the marriage article. We have been at each other's throats lately and that help put things back into perspective for me. And as for the alarms... I'm guilty of just letting things go. But I'm always wondering, was I supposed to do something different? Am I suppose to take action or patiently wait? I'm still not sure.

rubberbacon said...

I'm really sorry to hear things are not going well in your marriage lately, but I know you have alot of stress right now and that can add fuel to the fire. I'll be praying for you guys!!! As for your last question, it took me 3 years to to respond to the alarms in my life and make an action plan. 3 years! Sometimes you just have to be ready for change and once you are ready, make a plan and go after it with every thing you have!!