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Monday, January 02, 2012

Multitude Monday

1st Sunday of the year deserves family time at the beach. In fact, we plan to make 1st Sunday of every month dedicated family day. So often we get caught up by chores that it's nice to have this dedicated time to our kids. It hit me today that it's been 3 months since our last beach day; that's kinda shameful when you think of the longing our friends and families feel towards going to the beach. I'm so thankful that we live in this wonderful environment!

Working towards 1000 thankful things:

  • 231 - Thankful for having the extra "time" mid-day on a work day to take pre-natal yoga class!
  • 232 - Working in a creative environment is a gift.
  • 233 - Extra Pillows
  • 234 - Baby kicks while I lay quietly waiting for sleep
  • 235 - Lunch with kids and husband, as a working mom it's rare and wonderful!
  • 236 - Budget for Chick-Fil-A when errands run late and children are tired and hungry.
  • 237 - Enthusiastic kisses from 17mo son.
  • 238 - Watching my daughter run for the playground with a heart for of joy!
  • 239 - A weekend dedicated to my kids!
  • 240 - All the greenery in South Florida, what a beautiful place to live.
  • 241 - Free water to water my house plants (well it's covered by city taxes so it seems free).
  • 242 - My daughter's hair blowing in the beach breeze.
  • 243 - My son's face covered in sand as he explores coral and shell bits.
  • 244 - My husband making sand castles with the kids
  • 245 - Family time at our favorite restaurant after the beach

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