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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toddler Bed - the saga continues

Charlotte's been in her toddler bed for a week and it's been a restless time for me. A few nights ago husband heard a squeak and found her on the floor at 2am. I've taken to checking on her every time I go to the bathroom - which considering I'm pregnant is 3 times a night. I find her in various positions around the bed, last night she had gone from 12:00 to 6:00 position in 4 hours which leads to some concerns that when the fitted sheets arrive she may not like them. She's quite a mover.

Two nights ago I changed her diaper in the middle of the night after finding her sleeping next to her bed and that seemed to get her through till morning. We opened the door at 7am and found her right outside the door - not sure if she had just gone there to knock and get us or was there longer?

Honestly the mystery of toddler bed is bugging me. She doesn't seem to sleep like a rock like she did in her crib. Or maybe she woke up just as much but felt secure in the 4 walls?

I don't mind checking on her when I go to the bathroom, it usually just requires a 10 minute diaper change, rock back to sleep and then back to bed myself. I fall asleep in minutes so it doesn't keep me up. But the constant checking, worrying is she in her bed, out of her bed might be taking it's toll. Where's my husband? Well he sleeps like a rock so unless she's crying hard, he sleeps right through it. I'm waking with every squeak!


crazywildberry said...

Toddler beds are tricky business. Son was put in his at 2 and within a couple weeks he stopped getting out of his every night. Slept like a baby. Our older daughter was put in hers at about the same age, but did not adjust well to hers. She was still having trouble staying in it, so after a month of trying and stressing we bought another crib (new baby needed the nursery crib) and put her in it to sleep in the big kid room. A couple months later she was ready for toddler bed and did fine. Now, we are almost ready to put our second daughter in a toddler bed. Son will move from bottom bunk (in the bunk beds) to top, 1st daughter will move to bottom bunk shortly after that. Then, 2nd daughter will move to girl's toddler bed. It's so nice in our case that kids are over 2 years apart each. Makes transitions work well for us.

Is it so bad that she is found sleeping on floor? Nah. Ideal, no. But not terrible. At least she's sleeping. :D Well, good luck! She will take to it eventually.

R. Molder said...

Thanks Gina! It's probably more of an adjustment for me than it is for her!!! I found her on the floor this morning at 5am after 3 consecutive nights of sleeping in the bed! Oh well.