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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Toddler Bed - 2nd day

This morning I was wakened by a cry at 6:22am, her normal wake up time is 7am but we suspect she's been waking up early and dozing/playing in her crib until we get her at 7. I found her lying next to the rocker, not sure if she had been sleeping there since she was babbling about a sock and continued non-stop chatter as I changed her diaper.

We removed the crib from her room per your recommendations blog readers (thank you, this simple advice had not even dawned on us) and spent the evening talking about the big girl bed.

I suspect she woke up early this morning and played in her room for a bit before falling asleep on the floor and woke me when she got uncomfortable. Unless we set up a night video camera we will never know.

I think we are doing fairly well since she's staying asleep from 8pm - at least 6am so we will keep working on this. At least I'm comforted that she doesn't have a crib to mourn in the room and it's just a matter of getting black out curtains for the windows to keep the sun out and maybe that will keep her asleep longer.


With Bowl + Spoon said...

I wouldn't recommend blackout curtains...you can deny your child sunlight just because she isn't sleeping in! That seems really silly! I love waking up to the sunlight in my bedroom and wouldn't ever think of blacking it out...only if I had been up all night and really needed to sleep. (LOVE YOU!!!)


With Bowl + Spoon said...

BTW love the new header!

Mama (Heidi) said...

Love the new header!!

I have no sleep suggestions, I'm clearly not an exert since my girls jsut started sleeping through the night at 16 months.

I'm glad you were able to take the crib down, I wasn't sure if maybe you didn't have the room.

YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! for a perfect baby boy. Are you talking names yet? I love love love talking baby names.

Have a great weekend

R. Molder said...

Hmmm, no black out curtains, I'll take this under advisement. I guess once the baby is in bed we like to think of her as in a deep sleep chamber where she is taken out promptly at 7am!

Glad ya'll like the new header, I'm rather fond of it myself.

Hi Heidi - we moved the crib into the dining room and tucked it against a wall. Too much trouble to break down considering we need it again in 4-5 months! We are considering names - Samuel, Jonathan, and William so far.