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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Started by Interstitial Life but she's on a mini break due to toddler terror! Let's hope she makes it back safe and sound of mind.

I have a new appreciation for water/liquid proof couch covers! Several days of projectile vomiting onto the couch have made me very glad we still have a "college" futon with waterproof cover bought for protection from cat projectiles. Babies are considerably worse - think "Rosemary's Baby"! I've received criticism about the futon like "when are you going to grow up and get adult furniture?" But after this week, my conviction for tile floors and water proof covers is cemented.

Our fish have been living in the dark for over a month. A light burned out in the fish tank and it's so sad. I hope it gets fixed soon (HINT to possible husband reading this).

Here is a picture of a funky red pepper found at the local farmer's market.
I asked a friend who's really into farming why farmer's market veggies are so weird and grocery store veggies so perfect and she said the following:
some of it is wax, some is because it's s hybrid that looks better than it tastes, maybe even (and more and more common) genetically modified to be prettier...and it's all less nutritious. I'd rather give my money to local farmers so I know where my food comes from and that it's real food not mass produced with artificial fertilizers...that makes ... See Morethem even less nutritious! Just make sure that you're meeting the farmer, not just someone who picked it up at a warehouse and brought it to market...I know that's still a local business, but I'd rather support the people that grow my food with care and there is too much crap that we're eating and spending money on food that makes us sick. Sorry, I'm really passionate about the topic of food.
My computer is still in the shop and they haven't even called to diagnose the problem. I'm in severe agony working on my work laptop, bringing it home every day, hating the slow pokey keyboard and the power cord that just fell out and took over 10 minutes to get back to this point. Grrrrrr.

I'm still wearing gold sandals to the office every day. God help me if I don't get to the mall this weekend to buy a new pair in a different color! At least last week I had the legitimate excuse that baby was too ill for a mall visit!

Baby appears to be doing much better, we got through an entire day with no vomiting or diarrhea and that means tomorrow I can return to my regularly scheduled program of morning workout. Did you know it takes both parents to console a sick child? Or at least one to console and the other to run about madly doing dishes, bottles and dinner prep before work so as to have these things done upon returning home from work. Will be nice to get things back to "normal" around here!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

You totally have me considering how I will buy peppers from now on. I always look at the funky looking ones and turn my nose up at them.