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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Adjustment issues

This past weekend was the first alone time Charlotte and I have had in a month and while Saturday was a success, Sunday was deemed a bust.

We started out okay, church in the morning, nice long nap in the afternoon. She was thrilled to see her church buddies and offered no resistance. This was a nice affirmation of socialization.

After her long nap I analyzed my wardrobe and realized I had less then 5 maternity tops so it was off to the fabric store for more. Usually the first store stop following nap and full tummy is a success but not this day. It was fraught with crying in the cart, begging to be held, when I'd hold her she'd try to smack my face, I'd put her back in the cart, she'd scream. Out of desperation I finally put her on the floor to run up and down the aisles while running the opposite side to keep up until it was my turn to get fabric cut. Is it any wonder that I measured incorrectly and bought enough fabric to make 1/2 a shirt?


crazywildberry said...

I am so reassure that I am not the only one after reading this post. My youngest wants held almost all the time. However, when she is not feeling well or is just irritated, she takes to smacking my face. Or grabbing my glasses. Then, when put down she screams and begs to be held again. If there's one thing I most hate, it is being smacked in the face no matter how cute she is.

R. Molder said...

yeah it helps to know it happens to other people, it's kinda embarrasing to write about, like how could my precious lovely daughter be such a "jerk"!!! I hate it too and am still working towards a good solution. My friend CeCe recommended separating from them for a few minutes and telling them mommy has to take a break because she doesn't want to be hit. It makes them cry really hard but mine just goes off and hits again. So we do this over and over and SOME DAY we will get it right!