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Monday, March 08, 2010

Toddler Bed - 4th day

Sorry if I'm boring ya'll! Today I found her on the floor next to her bed just staring at the ceiling with her hand over her mouth which is her tired sign. She didn't call for us so we waited till 7am, our standard wake up time. So this makes 3 times out of 4 that she's been found on the floor. I'm just going to chalk it up to new found freedom! I love love love that she's patiently waiting till 7, sticking with tradition. What a great baby.

I haven't bought curtains yet and will probably not buy black out curtains, friend blogger talked me out of this.

I had a hard time finding a pillow for her toddler bed, went to Babies R Us, a local baby barn store and online Pottery Barn. The first two didn't have any pillows and online Pottery Barn makes you buy their entire bedding set just to get a pillow case so I was thrilled to find a great deal online at Target for $19.99 3 piece white bedding set - top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow case + $9.99 satin toddler pillow. Once that comes our toddler bed will be complete!

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