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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I got to keep on moving

MATTHEW WILDER lyrics - Break My Stride
Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no
I got to keep on moving

This is the only part of this song that I have memorized and it hums through my head when I'm having a particularly busy day. It also applies well to Charlotte when she leaps out of bed, finishes morning milk and marches with us around the pond.

Today was the 20 week appointment for baby boy and it was uneventful - which is great! Lord knows I've heard and read enough stories to be incredibly grateful for an uneventful visit where the only news to report is that I gained 5lbs in one month, the babies heartbeat is 144 and he kept kicking the doctor's heart listening device thingy. No new pictures today, those come in two weeks when I go back to the risky doctor who I'm still seeing because she wants me to have total reassurance that baby boy is doing okay.

So what else is new?

Well Charlotte has NOT gotten out of bed for 3 consecutive nights - call me silly but I was so wound up about this that I prayed about it and just feel so thankful that she's accepting her bed and not wandering around her room at night in a zombie stupor, falling over furniture, walking into doors - okay she probably didn't do all that but my imagination was running wild. I sleep better at night knowing every cat, dog, baby and husband is tucked in their beds and sleeping soundly.

I've been doing pre-natal yoga classes for three weeks now. Tonight I learned the following things are good for me:

4pm - energy levels drop due to something I can't remember but the advice is to soak raisins and raw unsalted almonds in water for like half a day and chew them very well then eat a banana.
Two days ago I got a severe cramp in my right calf muscle and it was so bad that it still hurts! So this little food combo is supposed to help by eating at a time when my energy is dropping low and taking in potassium.

Cashew butter is better than Peanut butter, might give this a try over the weekend, I think Whole Foods sells this and might even grind it fresh if I recall correctly.

Do morning stretches every day to work out muscles and prevent further cramping - ooh last week I got one in my index toe while driving - my toe stuck straight out and refused to bend. Ouch!

And finally, when boss is making me panic over a deadline, close off the right nostril, close mouth and breath in and out of left nostril. I'm just going to try this mid-work day and see if it works. I'm told the baby feels everything I'm feeling so I need to stay calm and happy.

Eating lots of sweets is an indication of not getting enough protein in diet. What if I just really like sweets?

It feels like the weeks are flying by. Before I know it, Thursday yoga has popped up and I do a review of all the exercise I've done in between. Let's see there was two mornings ago that I tried to do yoga in the morning but Charlotte climbed on my back and jumped all over me so I gave up after 10 minutes. I think I've walked at least a mile every day. At any rate, I always vow to do better the next week.


crazywildberry said...

Ok, a few things:

One, I love, love, love the new title bar to your blog page! It's awesome!

Two, So glad to hear the appointment went so smoothly. I think of you all the time!

Three, Glad to hear that Char. is sleeping in her bed and not walking aimlessly around the house. LOL!

Four, *HUG!!* I love you, Rachel! It was so good to hear your voice last weekend. :)

R. Molder said...

Thanks Gina!!!!

Unknown said...

YES! to the cashew butter. Its not hard at all to make your own, and veeeerrry worth it. I make my own to make a cashew sauce, over breaded and fried tofu...mmmmmm...
Anyway, sorry lost my thought--give the cashew butter a whirl!
(Oh, and YAY! on the good {uneventful} baby checkup!)

Amanda said...

I admit, I giggled at the toe cramp comment. I get them too and even though they are painful it makes me laugh at how random they are and that there is no way the toe is going to move. Potassium/bananas is apparently good for muscle cramps.
BTW, thanks for the comments, for some reason I am not getting an email anymore when you leave them. :( Believe me I really do appreciate my summer vaca and by the time it gets here I really do need the break. :)

crazywildberry said...

I forgot to mention yesterday when I was commenting late into the night/morning that I get those toe cramps and shin cramps when I get more active. Started getting bak in high school when I was on the track team. So, what's the message, God? Less exercise? Hahaha!
(That's funny; my word verification word is antic. They usually don't make actual words.)

Rumour Miller said...

Great song!

Always happy to hear that things are going well with baby.