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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Technology Fail + Toilet Issues

Today was not a beach/outdoor fun day. It was a "work day" and help Charlotte feel better day.

Our laptop broke + Charlotte had toilet issues. She's had on and off toilet issues all week so I was warned to take it easy and wear a gas mask.

We started the day at a frantic pace; husband works 8-6 or 7 on Saturday's as a dog trainer and today had plans to take our dog to work which means washing him first. While he did this at 7am, I fed Charlotte, dressed her for the day to much kicking and screaming and packed her into the car to get Chick Fil A take out that husband could eat on the way to work. We returned home just in time to pack his lunch and wave bye.

I inhaled breakfast burrito and moved on to washing bottles, dishes and laundry. Finally at 10am Charlotte had an exploding diaper - I'd been waiting, wasn't going anywhere until this happened. This allowed us to move onto to car chores where she promptly fell asleep as I did drive through banking, drive through latte (okay not a chore), stopping back at home to get broken laptop, drop off mail and stop at work to pick up work lap top to use for the weekend.

She woke up when we got to my office and had fun puttering around the empty rooms as I tested our old desktop computer to see if it was still working. It wasn't. I'd left it at work months ago (maybe a year) because it was just collecting dust at home and somehow I thought I'd check on it occasionally and make sure we had all the files we needed off of it. I may have done this, I can't remember. Anyway, I grabbed a dolly and wheeled the heavy desktop into the car. Now we have two broken computers.

Let's do a little review, what have I learned since our last major Technology Fail?
1. We bought a backup drive and have used it about once a month - I think the last time I backed up was 2-3 weeks ago.
2. All photos are backed up on the backup drive and posted to favorite photo websites.

I guess you could say I learned my lesson; the only thing really bugging me is the financial files I use on an almost daily basis so my next step will be to back these up daily on thumb drives.

I suppose it's time to plan for our next computer.

Upon returning home Charlotte launched a campaign to stay held for the remainder of the day. I tried making lunch with one arm, eating lunch with one arm and the occasional put her down to the sound of screaming when two hands were needed. She looked at my grilled cheese smothered in fresh avocado, tomato soup, root beer and bar-b-que potato chips and elected to eat only chips. Parenting - FAIL.

We moved onto her bottle and diaper change which brought fresh screams of agony. She drank one ounce and made a desperate bid to escape. Got her to drink two more and her screams reached levels unseen since the early days. Out of sheer desperation and logic that she needed a nap and/or time out I put her in bed and shut the door. Silence for one hour.

She was sweeter upon waking but determined to cling to me like a baby baboon. I made a 15 minute dinner by letting her stand next to me and pull everything out of the accessory drawer.

I'm soooo very tired tonight. Going to get a bath and call it a day.

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crazywildberry said...

Sorry to hear about Charlotte not feeling well. My Older Daughter had this for about 2 weeks straight about 1 1/2 months ago. Then My Son got it too. It was SO nice when that was over.

My Baby is very clingy too. I try not to pick her up all the time. However, sometimes I give in and hold her a long time before bed. It's just what she needs to settle for sleep. I just hardly have the time and energy to do that as much as she "needs". Just an FYI since you are expecting #2. :) Well, I guess Char was sick, so nevermind...