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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday with the in-laws

I don't have photos because I forgot the camera so I'll summarize. We went back to Deerfield Island because the week prior trails were left unwalked due to our busy grove picnic celebration. So I packed the entire family in their rented Earth Destroyer 2010 black 8 seater SUV and departed after a quiet morning of skipping church - sorry God, it was quiet nice to buzz around and do chores and get caught up on blogs.

The trail takes about an hour to walk and it was a completely raw trail. You know how many nature trails in the US are wooden walkways? Not this trail, we had to take baby out of the stroller and carry her. It was almost relative for a mountain bike trail in parts due to the amount of coral rock and debris strewn about. We saw two raccoons and smelled one skunk.

The second stop was the beach. In the drive Charlotte fell asleep so I put suntan lotion all over her face. I'm sneaky that way. We set up on the beach and Charlotte did her now usual puttering about, looking for cool shells, favoring anything black and random objects like a rusty old bottle cap that I had to pry out of her hands. She also did her typical climb over people's legs by which her only known decent is to land face first. Mother-in-law did not realize she would actually land face first in the sand by which she came up sputtering a face full. I can understand the first time but then it happened again! Yes Husband, your mom let Charlotte land face first in the sand TWICE! Actually I now think it's impossible to take her to beach without getting a face full of sand because she either falls on her face, or drags a sandy hand over her eyes or flips back the towel full of sand into her face as you let her do last week.

Disclaimer: on the off chance that my mother-in-law might read this blog I hope she will realize I'm not upset.


Greasycog said...

I "let" her flip the towel?

crazywildberry said...

Sounds like your little CM is really getting around. And she isn't even a year old yet! Wow! GM is rolling all over the place, but hasn't learned to crawl yet. She does this funny belly turn to get around. It's hysterical to watch! I am just waiting for the first crawl.

R. Molder said...

Oh! So she flipped the towel into her face? We need to have a talk with her about self preservation.