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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The shrieking level has increased dramatically

The cause is our new Baby Walker - compliments of Charlotte's grandmother.

I'm sure the new found freedom is a partial motivating factor in shrieking every minute but did I mention we have 4 pets to chase? I haven't had this much fun laughing in a long time. She wobbles after each pet with shrieking giggling glee, chasing them up onto bookcases, or in the dogs case, pinning him in a corner. The looks of horror as all pets attempt to comprehend this new found terror. I've been trying to get looks of horror all day but it's really hard to get fast moving pets and baby walker into a proper photo.

Finally when she's done, she just tugs on my skirt.

Since the walker didn't wear her out we move onto the bedroom where I can photograph the entire outfit.

3pm nap time starts, and thus my internet time begins but after an hour I'm off to take my nap!

5 minutes later - scratch that, she's awake, guess I'll make a pot of coffee. What happened to 2 hour naps???


With Bowl + Spoon said...

Is it possible she's gotten even cuter since we saw her?!?! WOW! What a doll!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

My son still loves chasing the pets.

Anonymous said...

That's one of my all time favorite phases.. when they find their voice and shriek. It's the bestest! She is adorable!