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Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm heartbroken

Husband called to say he had bad news - my heart dropped - on the first day of bloom, my Amarilis flowers had been mysteriously severed from the plant. SOB!!

Back story:
My dad was an artist who worked manual labor his entire life - as a truck driver delivering animal feed to farms, construction worker and painting airplanes. His joy in life was to create beautiful flower gardens. Every year we had tulips, rhododendrons, tiger lilies, roses, panseys and many more. One of his favorites was the annual Amarilis. He'd buy them in the winter and carefully store the bulbs when they were done blooming and then bring them to life again the next year.

Last year I proudly bought my first Amarilis in a glass pot - charming idea until the flowers died and the bulb got slimy. I re-potted it in a clay pot and throughout the summer it sprouted very tall leaves and got quite bushy. I called my mom and gave her regular updates and she told me these flowers love summer - I live in Florida so it was a happy plant. Then the baby was born and I largely ignored it.

The leaves started to wilt as did most of our plants as we cared for our newborn and forgot to water them. Then one week ago I spotted new leaves, and suddenly a flower stem! A year and 4 months later my Amarilis has bloomed again!

I left work and the flower was intact, now it's broken.

In the grand scheme of things it's just a flower - I'm reading many blogs that present monumental family tragedies and problems. My life isn't tough - yet.

The company I work for is considering bankruptcy or cutting the office staff in half (I’m in the half that would stay). I’m optimistic that he will choose the later but neither is ideal. After a long meeting we left to have cake and celebrate a birthday. I spent my time trying to stay upbeat with this terrible knowledge.

I've spent the past 3 months hibernating from stores and saving money in every way possible. My husband and I have devised a backup plan should things go awry. We are tough, don't despair our situation, but I'm sure you can understand that when I got the news of the flower accident, I cried a little. But I got these pretty photos to enjoy.

Flower in baby food jar sitting on red wood slab my dad got when he visited the great red wood forest of California

Flowers in mason jar with river rocks on red wood


Anonymous said...

I get it.

I love my plants more than I should. Before my son was born I had green stuff all around our house.

crazywildberry said...

Over the years I have lost a lot of my plants too. I used to have the largest vine plants. (I used to tend them but didn't get into knowing their names.) A couple spider plants. Now, I have a spider plant that is barely hanging in there. I am just waiting for spring to get here to put it out on the front porch to basking in the sunshine. I have wondered what I ever did with them. Hubby isn't much into my plants. Maybe he sent them packing... hmmm?