Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mixed results day

My brand new camera purchased just in time for Easter refused to retract the lens. The horror! I always have a panic that the store will refuse to take the product back and will blame me for the problem. I hold my breath and walk up to the counter, baby on hip, maybe she will warrant sympathy - or garner suspicious glances. The Best Buy girl takes my camera and walks into the back - I panic some more, maybe she's checking with managers who will say hell no, she has a baby, it's definitely a deliberate break! She comes back and rewards me with a clean return. Huge sigh!

Baby and I progress onto to Macy's to return concealer that's been in my purse for over a month! They pressed this new brand on me and I got home and hated it. The box is scratched up from riding in my purse pocket for a month - don't hate me retail workers! I'm just a panicked mom trying to get my money back. The lady is really sweet and does the return with no hassle - I love you Macy's!

Oooohh, I haven't shopped for new clothes in 10 months, scratch that, I bought a Lucky Brand sweater in January. So baby and I browse through DKNY and other brands - everything is really flowery (not my style) but also beachy and hippie, lots of love & peace shirts. It's kinda cool stuff but needs to be on sale for me to buy it. We progress to a selection of Lucky Brand umbrella's - beautiful (husband take note!) and a little itty bitty baby sized tamborine with no price tag! Oh it's so perfect, I give it to baby and she shakes it, bops me in the head, it's adorable! I must have it, it will go so well with her tie dye clothing. I track down a sales lady and she will not sell it to me or give it to me. So sad. I'm home now and just found it on the Lucky Brand website - they sell it with purchase of necklace for $32.00 (husband take note!)

Obviously my priorities have changed

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work.

I always get nervous returning stuff too.