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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pantry Food

Have you ever looked in your pantry and found a lot of food that is collecting dust?

This is the last week of the month and I announced we were over our $400 monthly grocery budget so husband decided we would not go shopping and use what is in the pantry. We've had great meals and I've only cheated on two small items:

tortillas $1.50
avocado $1.00

The temptation to run out and buy more food is so strong. I'm used to making a detailed menu and then buying all the accompanying groceries. It was a challenge to follow this directive but like I said, we've had great meals!

I just read about the world food shortage through the Compassion website and it made me feel good about using up our pantry food this week. My family is blessed with excess food, many in the world are not. I strive to live a simpler life this year and count my blessings.


Anonymous said...

We try to do the pantry thing once every couple months... I see it as a real life Iron Chef... mystery ingredients just happened to be canned or dry goods.

We have started having a financial sabbath of sorts. One day a week, we spend NO money. Sounds easy huh? not so much. But its working. Shows us and the kids that the "I wants" are far different than the "I needs"

(this one is funny.. my security word is "excess")

Anonymous said...

I am working on the pantry over stock as well.

We are also blessed with all the food we could ever want. It's amazing to think how many people in this world are not.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Great idea! I do that sometimes and it's really fun getting creative and using what's in the pantry. :)