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Monday, April 13, 2009


I love Easter but I say this about every major holiday because it's just so much fun to celebrate milestones!

We started the day at an outdoor Easter service - I got baby a new hat which was TOO BIG but it was the only white hat I could find - after spending an unreasonable amount of time looking the day before.

For the day's entertainment I wanted to do something different because past experience has taught that the beach is packed and unless one wants to spend an agonizing amount of time finding parking then sitting really close to lots of people it's best to be avoided.

Online research unearthed an island with a free boat ride and free parking! It's kinda silly because as you can see, the island is within a stone's throw of the mainland.

But on a tight budget, free free is a dream! Once we were on the island we were surrounded by so many trees and plants that we couldn't hear boats and mainland noise. We felt so isolated - it was great!

Following is the best photo of the day, meet Tarzan and Baby Jane.

Introduction to an Australian pine.

After picnic she has a blast with my gatorade bottle.

Things got really hot and sticky, we'd been outside for almost 4 hours with one tiny nap in the car.

It was time to move onto to Easter entertainment.

But it's not real unless one adds some real grass and leaves.

Last photo on the island, we leave at 3pm. Maybe when she get's older we will stay longer but she's refusing naps and getting really tired so it's time to head home.


Anonymous said...

So cute. I love the photos.

I'm also a bit jealous of your warm weather. I can't wait to wear some summer clothes.

Grit said...

such an expressive face! what a delight!

Anonymous said...

ok Her facial kill me. She is SO stinkin cute! My fav I think (its a hard choice)is her expression of awe over her little plastic eggs.


crazywildberry said...

Your Easter pictures are awesome! She is so adorable Rach! I love the picture of M. swinging her. She looks like such a happy and content baby. I can't believe that she is now 10 months old!