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Friday, April 03, 2009

I've narrowed the gap of areas left to save money in

I have the following left to tackle:

1. Truck Insurance - my truck is 9 years old, I need to research the absolute necessary insurance because $71 per month seems excessive.

2. Baby's Insurance - at $500 a month, I'm anxious to find a better plan. Florida ChildNet will not consider her until she's a year old - which happens in 3 months.

3. In May my condo association is forcing us to take down our DirecTV satellites and switch to the condo approved television service Comcast. I'm psyched because it's half the price.


Jan said...

I tackle one area and another one pops up. I have a friend that is also paying $500 a month for her babies insurance. That is highway robbery. That issue alone is enough to keep them from having another baby. When I had babies I just picked up the phone and added them to the policy. I don't even remember paying extra for that. Times have certainly changed.

Rachel M. said...

I found out that $500 actually covers 1-3 babies, it doesn't change! It's intentionally a high rate with the expectation that you will have more. Ask your friend to double check her policy.