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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pre-trip prep

things done:
- packed pile of clothes
- doctor visit to secure Ambien prescription - I don't take any chances when it comes to sleep in the opposite time zone
- test run on SKYPE to confirm work and home laptop can see each other, baby seemed puzzled about my voice coming out of the computer
- purchased one book - this will be an accomplishment for me, I usually pack 3-4
- buy mother's day cards

things to do pre trip:
- pick up prescription
- mail mother's day cards
- bills
- ship bag of bigger sized toiletries with company weekly package to Hong Kong on Thursday, including razor since I can't take it in carry on
- take video of Charlotte on the beach - I'll do this on the weekend
- finish packing
- schedule hair & pedicure appt. - I can't go to Asia looking as scruffy as I do now!

things NOT bought:
- new luggage
- sandwich ice pack bag
savings = $100.00

Before every major trip I freak out and want to buy stuff. This trip I desperately wanted a polycarbonate HEYS case that is 5lbs. It would be easy to lift above my head and into the overhead luggage compartment. And it comes in Turquoise. Then I packed my clothes and realized I could make do with my laptop carry on bag (which weighs 10lbs empty). I'm packing a small pile of clothes, polyester skirts and such and I plan to utilize hotel laundry. Photos will follow once I prove I can get 1.5 weeks worth of travel gear in this laptop carry on. Oh I do love a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Get an RX for Tamiflu as well. Just in case? You are gonna miss my insanity on the shots. But you WILL be in my prayers.


R. Molder said...

I should have consulted with you prior to going, now I'm to cheap to go back! She did give me an antibiotic to take in case my ear ache comes back and I'll take the codine from my last sore throat. And don't worry, I read the internet just as frequently in Asia as I do here but on the day I'm in mainland China I doubt I'll be able to reach your blog. They tend to block pages with words like "God" and "prayer". They also blocked this site http://www.jennsylvania.com/
for which I could never figure out. Sometimes I amuse myself by checking out how many of my favorite websites are blocked. Will appreciate the prayers!