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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My day - so far...

7:30 - feed baby
7:45 - make coffee
8:00 - This is how I eat breakfast, I present baby with a new toy every five minutes.

8:15 - go to baby's room and let her romp around the room while putting away her clothes and cleaning.

9:30 - she's ready for 2nd bottle, try to hold her out a little longer so she will get really tired and sleep long enough to qualify as a nap

9:40 - she's really mad and insisting on bottle, also overheated because I foolishly let her play in her pajamas and she's really hot!

9:45 - bottle, she falls asleep

10:00 - I carefully lay her on the bed and clip 6 nails before she wakes up

10:00 - 11:15 - I spend this ENTIRE TIME trying to get her back to sleep, we alternate between very bitter tears, sleeping for 5 minutes, waking as soon as I lay her down, more bitter tears and fury, more determination to get baby to sleep so she can wake up a nicer person - is that mean? I need to eat because my nerves are frayed - remember guests are coming today. I might need drugs to calm down - or food.

11:15 - success, sweep bathroom, assemble all trash, take out to dumpster

11:45 - start lunch just as she wakes up, put her in high chair and feed her animal crackers

Quesadilla sticks to the pan, scrap out all chicken and cheese and start over.

Surprisingly she plays sweetly the entire time I make lunch and eat it. It's so confusing. Such a range of emotion.

ps, I was kidding about the drugs, really I don't have any. Sometimes I fantasize about going to the doctor and saying I need something that will help me chill but I never do.


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't even remember how I spent my weekend pre-baby any more.

They sure keep you on your toes.

Anonymous said...

I get this totally irrational panic when we have house guests too. Its gotten WAY worse now that people expect me to be the "perfect pastor's wife" yay me. Just remember, having a small baby gives you the opportunity to change everything... you can ask them to do your friggen dishes and they will. Its an awesome power.. being the mommy of someone so small and stinking cute. Seriously? I double dog dare you to pick something outlandish to request and watch them just do it. Hilarity.

In all seriousness though, I am rooting for ya. Hang in sister.

R. Molder said...

I'm okay now. Once the guests arrive I completely calm down. It's the irrational panic prior to the visit that gets me every time. Don't worry I'll put them to work. Hubs and I got a date night out planned. I'll be sure to leave a big ol' pile of dishes in the sink and a baby behind :)

crazywildberry said...

Good for you! I hope you had, or are having, a wonderful time! Can't beat having family come for visits!