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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Angry Post

At least it was supposed to be one. Earlier today reports indicated protesters were going to dump 1 million tea bags into the Potomac River in DC. I was furious at the pointless waste of tea. We are in a recession and I'm here writing down every single dollar and penny spent on every single thing I buy, adding it up almost every day and sticking to a budget with an iron fist. What kind of insanely reckless person/people would throw away 1 million bags of tea? I don't care about reason or symbolism it's just wasteful. I was going to write about stupid conservatives and how disappointed I am in my party. My exact words were to be IT'S OVER! Then I read the DC police did not allow the party to start. The tea showed up and was turned away because someone didn't get the appropriate permit. And it rained really hard so not more then 1,500 people showed up.


Anonymous said...

My first thought was WAIT that much tea could pollute.... the Potomac. On second thought, I laughed so hard at the notion that anything could further pollute that river.. that I spilled tea. Out. My. Nose.

Your friendly neighborhood potty mouth. :P


Anonymous said...

cecemeets comment is funny, but sad.

I live in DC and our poor river doensn't need anything else thrown in it.

I don't really get the whole angry teaparty thing either.