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Friday, November 23, 2012

So how DID that flight to Texas go last week?

I lamented on Facebook and to anyone who would listen that I was having a major panic attack about our flight(s) to Texas.  You would think a world traveler like me could have this entire situation wrapped around my little pinky - and I almost did!

I managed to get a dog sitter, thus taking the dog out of the equation (if you reference that previous post, it was looking mighty crowded).

So what went so terribly wrong that day?

My alarm was set for 4:30PM.


Not AM.

HOWEVER, I had spent the entire week waking up progressively earlier in preparation for a 4:30am wake up call so I naturally woke up at 5:30 - yes one hour too late but we all got out the door in 30 minutes flat for a flight that was leaving at 7:40 from the Miami airport.

We did not pack the van the night before like we said we would do, FAIL.

We did not do a trial run to the Miami airport to find exterior parking like we said we would the weekend before, FAIL.

Both of the above would have significantly contributing to cutting down the time from WAKE UP to airport ARRIVAL!  Therefore if you are reading this I highly recommend you follow your instincts; don't ignore them like well traveled people who think they are somehow superior enough to not make mistakes.

What next?

We totally missed the turn for airport parking, got stuck for 30 minutes in a maze of construction roads outside the horrid Miami airport - people - your GPS will not work in a maze that has not been charted for travel!  We really hate you Miami airport for torturing us this way.  We really really hate you!  Seriously, there is no forgiveness for the pain and anguish you caused us that morning.

We finally arrived in the nick of time for me to check in with the baby and leave the entire family standing at the ticket counter to check in for their own later flight while I literally bolted for my flight which was leaving in 30 minutes.

I asked every person in the priority security line if I could butt in front of them and who would say no to a women with a baby strapped to her chest and a wild look in her eyes!  I don't think so.

After security I walked/hiked from gate 23 to gate 48 because the Miami airport train is slow even though I stopped to try and take it, the train didn't show any signs of appearing so I continued to run for my flight.  Baby was silent; it's like she knew a full out wail would send me into total breakdown mode.

I made the flight covered in sweat, panic and in extreme pain from holding a lap top bag, 12lb baby (thank GOD she's small!) and her diaper bag with 5 minutes before doors were shut.  I had planned to use the stroller to casually walk her and the gear + dog - but I had to abandon the stroller with dad when I dashed away.  Could you imagine if I had taken the dog?

The rest of the day was completely successful and followed to our plan without a single hitch.  I'm so happy to write that last sentence!  The end.

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