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Friday, November 02, 2012

Five Minute Friday

Assuming most will write about family roots, I’ve decided to write about other roots.  Upon asking husband about roots he immediately launched into a monolog about Swamp Roots and how they must spread out before they go down.  A lot of plants raised in marshy conditions appear to be standing up like a spider.

Money – is the ROOT of all evil.

Rusted Root – a band we used to listen to in college, I think they are still around but seem to be local Pittsburgh favorites.

Veggie Roots - radish, parsnip, carrot, beets, ginger, sweet potato, yams, yucca and turnips.  Hmmm, I only eat 2 of these on a regular basis.  Perhaps I should try more of these in my diet?  From what I understand, ROOTS are a primary source of food for most of the world.  I do love my sweet potatoes though!!  Favorites include sweet potato pie, muffins and pancakes.  I even made babies first food sweet potato mash but she wasn’t too impressed. 


Five Minute Friday


Alia_Joy said...

Hey Rachel, I was scanning through Lisa Jo's and I saw your face. Yucca is a root? Hmm, you learn something new everyday. Don't know that I have ever had yucca. Which two do you eat on a regular basis? I am a huge fan of the sweet potato, don't know why your babies weren't impressed. I mean really? I think I remember Rusted Root, they had one song that was on a playlist for spinning, Send me on my way, was the name. Super random, I know. It's fun to drop in on your thoughts here.

Sarah said...

Visiting from five minute friday...your post made me laugh. :) And I'm from pittsburgh and know Rusted Root. :) Have a great weekend!

Denise Oldham said...

Marvelous post.