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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Notes from Relevant 2011

Notes - from breakout session at Relevant 2011 

~ Upside Down Blogging & Blogging for Fame ~

1st Speaker:  Courtney Joseph from WomenLivingWell.org
It’s wrong to make a tower to ourselves.  Courtney is struggling with a few book deals and finding if it’s God’s will.  If we are not filling ourselves with God’s word, we will be frazzled.    She wants to walk so intimately with God that she knows his will. 

2nd Speaker:  Amy Lynn Andrews from BloggingWithAmy.com
         Amy started blogging in 2004.  She has the five points to make.
1.       Blogging, if you let it, will mirror your soul.
2.       We need each other.
3.       Blogging is a team sport.  God owns everything and he choose to divide it up the way he does.  Stop looking at what others are doing.
4.       In writing, describe the mundane things so that it’s interesting for the reader.  She referenced a story Ann Voskamp writes about soap bubbles.
5.       Blog to change lives with Christ’s story.

3rd Speaker:  Ann Voskamp from AHolyExperience.com
         Ann started blogging in 2003; seven of those years she was in a dark place.  The reason she came to blogging is to allow God to change her.  She doesn’t have comments or a site reader.  Numbers are like David taking a census.  When you step into the online world you cannot control where it goes, who reads it, etc.  It’s about giving yourself a way to help your sisters. 

         What does it look like to be a transparent mess that’s unfolding?  It’s the tension of telling others involved in your story, find out if they want to be included.  This generation wants people to do this life with them.  The blog is a ministry.  So people get to journey with you.  Being transparent as it’s unfolding is important.


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