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Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Wonder

I wonder, how do all these shoes get under the coffee table when I tell them over and over to put their shoes away.  Oh wait, there's my sandals, but that's just because I only took them off while I'm sitting here.

I wonder, how long it will take for my husband to unpack our suitcases?  I'm not doing it.  Nope!  I'm gonna wait until he does it.  Every day this week the suitcase has appeared on our bed and we root through it for pajamas for the kids and every night it goes back in the closet.  I'm not doing it, not this time!  

Sometimes when I'm driving our truck, I wonder if the bed will just fall off.  I know that's kind a weird but it's really bouncy.  When we go over speed bumps, the entire truck bed bounces with that wah womp sound!

I have one minute left.  I wonder what possesses my husband to come up with strange things like a plastic cup amplifier.  I'm serious, he's showing me this strange contraption while I'm typing.  Gotta love having a hack scientist for a husband.


Five Minute Friday

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