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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Notes from Relevant 2011

The Seed Company ~ Speaker Jill Monaco

You can't walk into your destiny until you know your calling.  Read the story of Esther, she was a confident women who was called to be a queen and her destiny was to save her people.

As a blogger, you are an influential woman and you have a destiny.  An example given is Sarah Shust, wife of Aaron Shust who wrote "My hope is in you Lord".  They have a son who had an illness that he almost died from.  They have a platform to say God is good and he will be with you through anything.  I don't know about you reader, but I love hearing the back story of an amazing song.  This couple went through a scary time with their son before reaching their current destiny.

As a blogger, you are an advocate for the desperate.   A desperate world that needs to hear the word of God.  It's been over 2000 years since the body of Christ left this earth.  His mandate was to spread the word.  An estimated 2,078 of the 6,860 languages in the world are still waiting for Bible translations to begin.  The Seed Company has a goal of translating the Bible into every spoken language, one verse at at time.  You can help by sponsoring a verse through their website.

As a blogger, the Kingdom of God is advanced by your testimony.  

Jill Monaco writes a blog titled "A Grace Journey" and she is a One Verse blogger.  

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