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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Notes from Relevant 2011

Notes - from breakout session at Relevant 2011 

~ Blogging Basics & how to grow your blog ~

Evergreen Content - get a category button to showcase all your best content, example, if you are a book reviewer then have a Book Page button.  Deal blogs do not typically have evergreen content because deals have deadlines.  Side example, I work in the toy industry and Mickey Mouse is considered an evergreen property, it means something that is currently relevant and in the future.  

When a new person visits your blog, they will ask themselves, "what am I going to gain/benefit from this site?"  If Amy doesn't know within 3 seconds what your blog is about, she's gone.  She recommends highlighting your favorite posts, your favorite categories and always answer for the viewer how this is going to benefit them.

RaisingOlives.com does an excellent job of writing about herself, every paragraph links to blogs about her life.

The most important things should go above the fold.  This goes back to the days of newspapers when the most important content would be on the top half of the paper so the top part of your blog is considered "above the fold". Some tips to consider:
  • Keep your header as thin as possible
  • bio on side bar
  • tag line that immediately answers what your blog is about, find your unique angle
  • search bar near the top
  • links to your social media connections
  • email sign up list, RSS connection
Pixosphere.com is a site where you can embed images into your photos.

The most practical way to drive traffic to your blog:
  • Use Facebook to promote your posts.
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Use Facebook to comment on other blogs
You can find Amy's blog at - bloggingwithAmy.com

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